Intensive Driving Courses Guildford

Pass your driving test quickly.

Intensive driving courses or driving crash courses Guildford can be taken if you need to pass your driving test in a short period of time.

Research shows that the average number of lessons it takes to pass the practical driving test is 47 hours of professional instruction and 20 hours of private practice.

If you take regular driving lessons each week and lessons are 2 hours in duration the approximate time to learn to drive is 8 months.

Taking our intensive driving course in Guildford will allow you to reach test standard much quicker.

Manual Lessons

Driving Instructor Guildford Gears

Learn to drive in Guildford Surrey with experienced top grade Guildford based driving instructors.
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Automatic Lessons

Driving Instructor Guildford Automatic

Learning to drive in an automatic car can help you pass your practical driving test much sooner.
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Intensive Courses

Intensive Driving Course Guildford

Intensive driving courses can be taken if you need to pass your driving test in a short period of time.
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Instructor Training

Driving Instructor training Guildford

Join our team of local driving instructors.
Manual and Automatic
Local driving instructors required.
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Trailer Lessons

Trailer towing lessons guildford

Do you need to tow a trailer or caravan?
D1 + E minibus and trailer licence.
Horsebox and caravan towing.
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Under 17 Lessons

under 17 driving guildford

Under age driving lessons suitable for pupils from the age of 14 upwards.
Private tarmac roads, no licence required.
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intensive driving lessons guildford

Learning to drive in Guildford Surrey

Intensive or weekly?

Learning to drive can be difficult at first but with dedication and the right encouragement from your driving instructor you will soon acquire the skills required to pass your practical driving test.

Taking weekly driving lessons and having private practice in your own car between lessons can be the best way to start if you are a complete beginner. Research shows new learners usually do better at passing their practical driving test this way.

Although research shows this is usually the best way for new learners to learn to drive, not all pupils have the spare time required in order to do weekly lessons this is when one of our intensive driving courses will help you pass the practical driving test much faster.

Intensive Driving Instructors Guildford

Local DVSA Approved

DVSA approved driving instructors that are all fully qualfied with enhanced criminal bureau certificate (CRB)

Structured Lessons

Driving lessons from Guildford driving instuctors will be structured to pupils individual needs and recorded in you drivers record.

1 to 1 Tuition

Pick up and drop of at a location that suits you from home, work or college. All lessons are on a 1 to 1 basis with no car sharing. 

Weekly or Intensive Lessons

Take weekly or intensive courses that can be arranged in order for you to pass your driving test much quicker.

Competitive Prices

Prices are constantly checked to ensure you receive the best price and guarantee only the best local driving instructors.

Student Discounts

We offer lots of student discounts for single lessons to intensive courses from new learners to experienced learners.

flexible intensive driving courses

Flexible Intensive Driving Courses

Guildford driving instructors on this site are specialist in intensive driving courses and can offer pupils a flexible way to take intensive driving lessons and the practical driving test.

Intensive driving courses in Guildford can be arranged for new learner drivers from 17 upwards that have never driven before or more experienced pupils that have had some driving experince or may have failed a practical driving test.

We can even arrange your intensive driving course for pupils that are 16 starting your intensive driving course off road.

 Complete beginner

As a new learner driver having never driven a car before, taking an intensive driving course can be very challenging and tiring.

The long periods of concentration required will not suit all pupils.

New learner drivers have many options available to them if they require an intensive driving course in Guildford.

Learn off road from the age of 16 or on road from 17. 

New learners can start the intensive driving course straight on road at the age of 17.

Lessons and hours can be arranged to suit the individual pupil with a theory test and practical tests arranged for you.

Intensive driving lessons can be arranged over 5 days or tailored to pupil’s individual requirements.

kids driving lessons guildford

Intensive Driving Course from 16

Start off road and gain confidence.

Intensive driving courses Guildford can be arranged so you start off road at the age of 16 and then progress to your on road driving lessons once you reach the age of 17 with your provisional licence.

Progress with your on road lessons with a good knowledge and control of the car, take 4 hours per day over 10 days and you will soon gain the experience and knowledge you need in order to pass your practical driving test.

Practical driving tests can then be arranged with a few refresher lessons before the test.

 Experienced pupils

Intensive driving courses in Guildford can be a great way for a learner driver that has previous driving experience and needs to acquire their driving licence fast.

You may of had a number of previous lessons or failed practical tests in the past.

Take an assessment lesson with a top grade Guildford driving instructor who can assess your driving skills.

They will then tailor an individual course of lessons running up to your practical test.

assessment driving lesson guildford

Assessment Lesson

Not sure what intensive driving course is suitable for you?

Take our assessment lesson and one of our Guildford driving instructor will assess your driving skills.

Individual intensive driving courses that offer flexibility can then be arranged with a practical driving test at the end of the intensive driving course.

Tell us when you are free and we will arrange the course and book your practical driving test for you.

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