Under 17 Driving Guildford

Starting your first driving lesson on road can be a nervous and challenging experience.

You will need to gain all the required skills in order to safely control the car while negotiating all other road users and hazards that appear on even the quietest roads.

When learning to drive a car for the first time it is important you feel relaxed and can focus your concentration on the skills required to drive.

Guildford driving instructors can provide off road driving lessons for under age pupils in a safe controlled environment that contains over 3 miles of tarmac roads.

Manual Lessons

Driving Instructor Guildford manual car

Learn to drive in Guildford Surrey with experienced top grade Guildford based driving instructors.
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Automatic Lessons

Driving nstructo Guildford Automatic

Learning to drive in an automatic car can help you pass your practical driving test much sooner.
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Intensive Courses

Intensive Driving Course Guildford

Intensive driving courses can be taken if you need to pass your driving test in a short period of time.
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Instructor Training

Driving Instructor Guildford Training

Join our team of local driving instructors.
Manual and Automatic
Local driving instructors required.
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Trailer Lessons

Trailer towing lessons guildford

Do you need to tow a trailer or caravan?
D1 + E minibus and trailer licence.
Horsebox and caravan towing.
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Under 17 Lessons

under 17 driving guildford

Under age driving lessons suitable for pupils from the age of 14 upwards.
Private tarmac roads, no licence required.
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under 17 driving lessons guildford

Off Road Driving Track

Under age driving lessons and under 17 driving courses all take place at Dunsfold aerodrome.

Dunsfold aerodrome has over 3 miles of tarmac roads including one mile of dual carriageway.

Practice all the skills required to tackle roundabouts, junctions and pedestrian crossing.

With dedicated steering areas and areas to practice all manoeuvres you will soon feel confident to take on road lessons

Under 17 Driving Instructors Guildford

Local DVSA Approved

DVSA approved driving instructors that are all fully qualfied with enhanced criminal bureau certificate (CRB)

Structured Lessons

Driving lessons from Guildford driving instuctors will be structured to pupils individual needs and recorded in you drivers record.

1 to 1 Tuition

Pick up and drop of at a location that suits you from home, work or college. All lessons are on a 1 to 1 basis with no car sharing. 

Weekly or Intensive Lessons

Take weekly or intensive courses that can be arranged in order for you to pass your driving test much quicker.

Competitive Prices

Prices are constantly checked to ensure you receive the best price and guarantee only the best local driving instructors.

Student Discounts

We offer lots of student discounts for single lessons to intensive courses from new learners to experienced learners.

Under 17 Driving Guildford Driving Instructor

Gain Confidence

Surrey’s premier off road driving facility

Start with the cockpit drill, moving away and stopping.
Master the use of gears and steering.
Move on to junctions, roundabouts, reversing and manoeuvres 
Structured lessons to suit pupils individual needs.
Pupils of all ages from 14 upwards are welcome.

 Under Age Driving Lessons Guildford

Under age driving lessons in Guildford are suitable for pupils starting from the age of 14 and above.

You do not require a driving license in order to start your lessons as all the training is carried out on private land.

Under 17 driving lessons are provided 7 days a week during the hours of daylight.

Driving lessons will be carried out by a fully qualified approved DVSA driving instructor that carries off road insurance and a enhanced criminal record bureau CRB certificate.

Driving instructors Guildford can provide weekly off road under age driving lessons or under 17 driving courses.

Under 17 Driving Courses Guildford

Fun and relaxed

Learn at you own  pace in a relaxed and controled environment  without the pressure of other road users.

Age 14 & above

Under 17 driving lessons are suitable for pupils from the age of 14 and upwards.

Structured lessons

Under 17 driving courses have been designed by experienced DVSA instructors .

1 to 1 tuition

One to one tuition with fully qualified full time DVSA approved driving instructors.

Weekly lessons

Under 17 driving lessons can be taken weekly or monthly in the run up to your on road lessons

Party’s or Groups welcome

Great for birthday parties or groups of freinds wanting to share the lesson. 

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